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Dreadful Snake Radio Guy, Adam Curry,
Pod Money, and AustinBlogger / AustinCast

Wednesday May 5 2005 - I got a skype call from the DSR Guy tonight and his head is spinning again.

He's going to be a skype guest on an upcoming Adam Curry Daily Source Code.  Awesome, snake dude!  Way to go.  DSRG really can carry some of the concerns of the open podcasting community to the mavens of the new world of sat/podcasting. 

We'll be listening.


Thu, 21 April 2005

First Interview with New Pope!
Dreadful Snake Guy scoops the world with first New Pope interview (OK - I faked it). Big changes in store for church, apparently. Also - back on a pod-estal on the 4/21 post at as Adam enjoys the post-game analysis still going on from my now infamous Podcasting and Money show (see 3/24 show). This was kicked off by this morning's 'cast by the Austin Blogger of a skype interview I did with him last night. Finally - some authentic religious music from 6th century Gregorian Chant as well as Mississippi Fred McDowell and Bill Monroe.

Comments to  and a papal plea for your monthly vote to Podcast Alley for DSRadio Vote Here Thanks to all!
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Fri, 1 April 2005
Adam Curry features Dreadful Snake Radio
My Head is Spinning. I was looking for a mention, But Adam's 3/31 Daily Source Code Daily Source Code show spends almost 40 minutes going through my 3/24 show (Caution: Pod Money Ahead) and uses it to discuss the future of podcasting. Glad he liked the DS Drama Club's visit to Curry Plantation and such. I feel like the local PennySaver writer that got picked up by the New York Times. My downloads doubled today in the morning. Great exposure for the 'cast so here's hoping some of you new folk wander around with us a bit and listen to some more of these shows. No charge. Unless this movement becomes an industry. It is also April now so you all can vote again at Podcast Alley -Vote Here- please do as it keeps my listings high up enuf that more people might wander in. Hey Snakesters, Some news . . .Just committed to Telluride Bluegrass Festival in June with Dawg Eye. Will try to 'cast there as DawgEye knows someone with a solar panel that I can recharge the equipment on.
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Thu, 24 March 2005
Caution: Pod Money Ahead!!
Organized $$$ comes into PodCasting? The Boost we Need? Or the next Corrupting Commericalism? A semi-rant. This is for Adam Curry (my hero) but is a Cautionary Tale for all. Which way will podcasting go? Features satiric visit to Adamís iPodder Plantation. Meant to inspire Thought and Discussion, so remember 1st Amendment and letís discuss and not get mad. What you think folks? Email to A vote or 2 at PodCastAlley always welcome Vote Here You donít need to agree with me, but pls support the discussion . More music and music talk next cast.
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